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Mary Lindstrom is a Russian born, Miami raised interdisciplinary artist and designer. She is currently based in New York where she is majoring in 3D Animation and VFX at The School of Visual Arts. Prior she had attended Design and Architecture Sr. High in Miami, FL. Her work is enigmatic and imbued with a sense of mysticism and plays with the concepts of animism, relational aesthetics and self-generated symbol systems that  navigate between earthly and the ethereal. Her creative scope includes fine art, 3D animation and interactive immersive experiences.

Mary’s body of work recruits mundane elements of everyday life and juxtaposes them to create uncanny realms, inducing mundanity with a sense of alien familiarity and enigmatic intrigue. The dynamic metaphysical compositions with layered depths are guided by automatism - creating a computational narrative that still adheres to an abstract, human framework. There is control over the process, but also a release and surrender to the universe. This parallel relates to 3D software as well, which is powered by mathematical equations and physical computations that pertain to our real tangible earthly world, that then is synergized with the artist's input. Automatism is ever present as the universe is always a co-collaborator on every work, whether it’s letting one’s consciousness guide the process of drawing - or allowing for real world math and science to take the wheel of one's creations .At times one will sense rare, odd, effervescent glimpses and occurrences that are imbued with transcendental meaning and comprise a puzzle piece to an existing imagined network.  Always in the pursuit of a certain flash of iridescence. The glittering magical epiphanous fleeting feeling is what she depicts. It ultimately signifies one’s reverence for life and affirms the sacredness of humanity.

Her 3D work is heavily influenced and derived from her fine art. The tangible physicality of painting creates a balanced contrast with the infinite digitized depths of computer art. Invoking the push and pull between body and mind. Interlooping symbiosis of technology and self.


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