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I am a Russian born, Miami raised artist and 3D designer. I attended Design Architecture Sr. High in Miami, FL with a concentration in industrial design and fine art. I am currently a 3D Art, Animation and VFX student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

My work recruits mundane elements of everyday life and places them in a juxtaposing context, inducing it with a sense of alien familiarity and enigmatic intrigue. My dynamic metaphysical compositions with layered depths are guided by automatism - creating a narrative, yet an abstract one. At times one will sense rare, odd, effervescent glimpses and occurrences that validate a greater significance to their trivial existence. That glittering epiphanous fleeting feeling is what I depict.

I express the stated above primarily in illustration and 3D animation and still compositions. My 3D work is heavily influenced and derived from my fine art. The tangible physicality of painting creates a balanced contrast with the infinite digitized depths of computer art. Much like the push and pull of the body and mind.


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Mutual Art

Human Tribe Exhibition SVA Gallery (︎Chelsea, NY, USA)
APR 01,2021 - APR 15,2021


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