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Mary Lindstrom is a Russian born, Miami raised interdisciplinary artist and designer based in New York. Currently a freelance 3D Motion Designer, formerly staff at multidisciplinary design studio Volley. Corporate clients include JP Morgan, Fontainebleau Hotel, and others. Mary studied 3D & VFX at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, prior she had attended Design and Architecture Sr. High in Miami, FL. Her work is enigmatic and imbued with a sense of mysticism and plays with the concepts of animism, relational aesthetics and self-generated symbol systems that  navigate between earthly and the ethereal. Her creative scope includes 3D animation, interactive immersive experiences, and fine art.

Mary’s dynamic metaphysical compositions and layered depths are intuitively guided by automatism, relying on a sensory and cognitive attunement with the environment. Scintillating essences that energetically compose the everyday world. A snapshot of metaphysical ephemera. A documentation a visually inaccessible plane of existence, yet one that is integral to being. A common thread of union, oneness, and synergy interlaces all of the work. A cartography of energetic dynamics. Nuanced molecular emotional interplay of primary essences and binaries. It ultimately signifies one’s reverence for life and affirms the sacredness of humanity.




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BFA Senior Show Hide and Seek
(︎New York, NY, USA)
APRIL 19TH - MAY 4TH 2023

Hu Zine, White:Nothing Issue

School of Visual Arts Juried Exhibition Iridescent Perception
(︎New York, NY, USA)
APRIL 9th - 25th 2022

HypeBeast (HypeArt) on SaveArtSpaceShow
NOVEMBER 2021 (for Basel week)

SaveArtSpace, Public Art Installation + Group Show
(︎Miami, FL, USA) 
NOVEMBER 2021 (for Basel Week)

Mutual Art
APRIL 2021

Human Tribe Online SVA Exhibition 
(︎New York, NY, USA)
APRIL 2021

SVA’s Visual Opinion Magazine
MAY 2019

Bowseat Ocean Awareness
JUNE 2018

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