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Filter for @haiiileen

Aura Miiiror

Final Filter

Personal Filters @mary_lindstrom

You a Gem

The You a Gem filter is inspired by the varying Energy Spheres depicted in my paintings. Spheres of varying geometric tesselations are reveled when the face splits into two. This alludes to the complexity of each person’s inner landscape.

Distort filter consists f two projections of the user: one at a regular focal length, and the second is zoomed in. It is overlayed on the first in varying molten-like patterns. This composition implies how at any given situation there are unrevealed ever-changing parts of us, whether that may be to others or even  ourselves.   
Cosmic Kokoshnik

Cosmic Kokoshnik is a stylized take on the traditional Russian kokoshnik headress. It is symbolic of my heritage while the cosmic aesthetic alludes to not belonging anything. The two polarities fuse into one object that reflects who I am today.  
Who Are You

Who Are You is a randomized filter consisting of various painting collages.

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